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Inaugurated in 1988 as part of the University's seventy-fifth Anniversary celebrations, the Callaway Lecture Series has gone on to become one of the most prestigious events on the School of Music calendar.

In the two decades since the Lecture Series began, a host of distinguished speakers have taken the podium to deliver their thoughts on subjects as broad ranging as the effects of music on the mind, and the place of music in the arts.

9 October 2013

Joseph Colaneri, Artistic Director of the West Australian Opera, Artistic Director of Opera, Mannes College of Music, USA


Richard Egarr, Acclaimed British keyboardist and Music Director of The Academy of Ancient Music

Historically Informed Performance: The next generation


Nicholas Cook, 1684 Professor of Music, University of Cambridge, UK

Beyond hidden persuasion

Presented as part of the Power of Music: The 34th National Conference of the Musicological Society of Australia and the 2nd International Conference on Music and Emotion

22 October 2010

Paavali Jumppanen, Finnish pianist

Shakespearean influences in Beethoven's music

20 September 2009

Professor Donald Burrows, Handel Scholar from The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK

Too hot to Handel? Performers, audiences, scholars and attitudes to ‘authenticity’

29 September 2008

Richard Gill OAM

Let's re-visit the past so that we might have a future ... the desperate plight of music education in the 21st century and some ideas for saving the planet

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7 July 2007

Professor Alan Harvey, Chair, UWA Neuroscience Discipline Group, School of Anatomy and Human Biology

Music and the mind: does a tune a day keep the shrink away?

Presented as part of ASME 2007: XVI Australian Society for Music Education 40th Anniversary National Conference

14 December 2006

Professor Kim Walker, Dean of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, University of Sydney

Education, money, morality and the 21st century ecosphere

2 November 2005

Robyn Holmes, Curator of Music, National Library of Australia

Musical enterprise: reinventing the public face of music scholarship in Australia

26 July 2004

Professor Mark Everist, Professor of Music at the University of Southampton

Music, performance and culture, or Where does music come from?

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11 July 2003

Professor Patricia Shehan Campbell, the Donald E. Peterson Professor of Music, University of Washington

Music, education, and culture: traditions and transitions in the lives of young people

14 June 2002

The Honourable Geoff Gallop MLA, Premier of Western Australia

Culture, creativity and the future of Western Australia

31 October 2001

Professor Malcolm Gillies, President, Australian Academy of the Humanities and Pro Vice-Chancellor, Adelaide University

Facing the music: academic collegiality and the arts


Margaret Seares

From Bondi to Beethoven: Australians and their culture

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10 October 1999

Katharine Brisbane

The arts and the pre-emptive buckle

14 September 1998

Professor Deryck Schreuder, Vice-Chancellor of The University of Western Australia

The humanities: popular myths and professional realities


Professor Richard Colwell, Professor Emeritus of the University of Illinois

Music in education and everyday life

Published as CIRCME Series, no.12

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Geoffrey Bolton AO

The muses in quest of a patron

Published as CIRCME Series, no.11


Emeritus Professor David Tunley

The orb and the forge : the nature of music and its place in a modern university

Presented on the occasion of Professor Tunley's retirement and published as CIRCME Series, no.10

16 May 1994

Associate Professor Veronica Brady, University of Western Australia

Shall these bones live…?

Presented on the occasion of Sir Frank's Callaway's 75th birthday

Published as CIRCME Series, no.6


Professor Lyle Davidson, Harvard University, USA

Arts education : new ways of learning

Presented as part of the ASME National Conference and published as CIRCME Series, no.3

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Nicholas Hasluck QC, AM

The arts labryrinth

Published as CIRCME series, no. 2


Heath Lees, Professor of Music, University of Auckland, New Zealand

The global fact of music education

Published as CIRCME series, no. 1

8 October 1990

Mr James Strong of Melbourne

The future for the arts and business in Australia: great expectations

Presented during National Arts Week

15 April 1989

Professor Sir Peter Platt, Bt, Professor of Music at the University of Sydney 

A form of infinity: music and the human spirit

Published as CIRCME series, no. 9

15 June 1988

The Hon. Barry O. Jones, Federal Minister for Science and Small Business

The two cultures in a brave new world: life, arts and mixed metaphors

Published as CIRCME series, no. 7

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