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  • UWA Research Matching Fund.
  • ARC Project no. LEO 668458

This project involved creating a web-based research infrastructure in support of two major music archives: the Eileen Joyce Collection at UWA and the Asian-Australian Music Collection at Monash University.

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Project overview

Additional music archive resources at UWA and Monash University are now available to researchers through the use of web-based methods of delivery: the Eileen Joyce Collection and the Asian-Australian Music Collection.

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Sound Footings is the second stage in an ongoing national project funded by the Australian Research Council (ARC). It builds on the 2004 ARC-funded project, Preserving Australia’s Sound Heritage, by adding two collections and including print documents in multiple formats as well as historic sound recordings.

Using infrastructure based at the School's Callaway Centre Archive, UWA has fostered Australian music research through the cataloguing, preservation, digitising and digital archiving of the Eileen Joyce Collection.

Eileen Joyce was an Australian born and internationally acclaimed concert pianist from the 1930s through to the 1960s. Before her death in 1991 she transferred her personal papers and music to the Callaway Centre Archive at the University.

This collection offers researchers a rare glimpse into the day-to-day life of a publicly adored concert pianist: the gruelling schedules, as evidenced through her engagement diaries; the detail necessary in arranging tours, as shown in her correspondence files; and her choice of performance editions. The Eileen Joyce Collection contains more than 3000 items across varying formats, including scrapbooks, sound discs, photographs and letters.

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As a result of the development of this significant collection, the Sound Footings project:

The Eileen Joyce Collection is a unique and important collection. It reveals much about pianism in the early-mid twentieth century, and the editions from which Joyce played are in themselves a valuable guide to her musical influences, values and pianistic approach.

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The technical role of the Callaway Centre in this project is explained on its Sound Footings project page.

The project outcomes can be viewed from the following:

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